perfect, this miracle fruit actually wor

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perfect, this miracle fruit actually worked 😀


Want a perfect method to get fit? Try th

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Want a perfect method to get fit? Try this miracle fruit

Looking for an easy method to lose some

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Looking for an easy method to lose some pounds? Get this miracle fruit

New Brunswick Station: The Soul of New Brunswick

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The New Brunswick train station, built in 1903, is often the first and last place a visitor to the city will see. The New Jersey Transit trains also brings in visitors from all around the country, and even the world. With trains that lead to and from Trenton, Philadelphia, Newark Airport and New York City, it is the central port of transportation within the city, which is why I believe it is a major part of the soul of New Brunswick. Listen to these three commuters on why they also believe that the train station is so important to this city.


The Sweet Treats of a Recession

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Even in hard economic times, it seems that people young and old can still find spare change in their pockets for dessert. But on Easton Avenue in New Brunswick, N.J., businesses are forced to compete with countless other food vendors for popularity among Rutgers University students.

For Thomas Sweets, an ice cream and chocolate shop, and Fruity Yogurt, a frozen yogurt and bubble tea shop, the key to profit is variety and quality. Michael Schnarr, the owner of Thomas Sweets, believes in using the best possible ingredients, despite the hefty cost, while maintaining the same retail price for customers. On the other hand, Katherine Chen, the manager of Fruity Yogurt, advocates giving customers many options in frozen yogurt and toppings flavors, as well as offering a variety of drinks.

But despite being in a recession, both companies are making profit and not planning to leave any time soon.

Click to see the full audio slideshow.


Ringing the Bell: Both Workers and Volunteers Raise Money for the Salvation Army

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Beginning the week of Thanksgiving, the sound of a bell ringing can be heard all across the world. These bells, rung by men and women in red aprons, are synonymous with the Salvation Army. But who are these people behind the smocks? What drives them to stand on the streets, encouraging strangers to donate and wishing them a happy holiday? In New York City’s Times Square, I found Dominique Wiggins and Josh Thomas, who are both  Salvation Army bell ringers. However, their motivations for joining the Salvation Army are entirely different. You can see and hear their full story here.

Profile Photography, Three Ways

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1. Environmental shot: showing the subject on the train.

2. Mugshot: A (very noisy) tight frame on the subject’s face.

3. Detail shot: focusing on the subject’s hands